Barre StretchBALLET BODIES, based in MALIBU, CALIFORNIA is rooted in over 50 years of experience, passion, and tradition based on the life work of its founder and creator, Rebecca Witjas. BALLET BODIES’ mission is to demystify the smoke and mirrors that Ballet so aptly embodies – that seemingly unachievable perfection that leaves you wanting to bow out before you begin. Rebecca brings the art of modern and classic Ballet in all its truth and splendor to light in a humbling, poignant, and inspiring new way.

BALLET BODIES can empower you, whoever you are and no matter your age, through online and live classes in toning and sculpting in healthy, logical, and attainable progressions to achieve the beauty of the ballet line, enhance posture (and confidence), and obtain targeted results you could not seem to possess until now. Rebecca’s techniques are highly unique because her perspective symphonizes years of keen observation, research, and the study of physiology of movement, body mechanics, physics, and Ballet itself, which accumulates to form her perspective on the foundation of all proper and stable human movement.

BALLET BODIES is for everyone. You reap big benefits from learning improved posture, placement, and symmetry in exercise making it a lifelong, fun endeavor. This means you can be perfecting your turns without compromising your body and its longevity. This, and so much more, sets BALLET BODIES apart. Join us today so we can be a resource to you in gracing the stage of your own life with a most beautiful, joyful, and exuberant you!


About Rebecca Witjas - Professional Ballerina, Teacher, Founder of BALLET BODIES

Dancing was Rebecca’s first memory. She had to be moving around, so thoughtfully, at the tender age of four, she was enrolled in Ballet school. She had a primary love for dance, then, and now. “I realized, to my surprise, I loved it in every form – performing, teaching, taking class, and choreographing – Ballet is a constant inspiration and place of self-reflection.” Rebecca brings to you her premier passion and expertise in a new, engaging, and culminated platform, BALLET BODIES.

She draws her advanced talent and wisdom from her life journey immersed in ballet, modern dance, biomechanics, physics, anatomy and physiology. In New York City, she danced professionally with the New York Dance Quintet and Facets Dance Co. She studied with Juilliard’s Alfredo Corvino and Takako Asakawa of the Martha Graham Company. She studied with the Limon Company, Merce Cunningham and Viola Farber. Her ballet training was enhanced by Zena Rommett and Finis Jhung. In California, she was graced by Stanley Holden and Yvonne Mounsey. She has successfully directed two companies of her own: Prohosky-Yewell Dance Theatre and Los Angeles Dances. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in dance from UCSB and UCLA respectively.

"I HIGHLY recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a dance instructor! Rebecca helped my husband and I choreograph our wedding dance which consisted of a mix of a few songs. My husband has no rhythym, but with Rebecca, working on this dance was actually FUNNNN! Rebecca works with you and utilizes your strengths to improve your dance. She is not bossy, but rather gives you options to find what feels right to you. I truly enjoyed working with her as it was one of the most positive memories I had of my wedding prep days! Thank you Rebecca for helping us coordinate our wedding dance while having some FUN!"

-- Jennifer, Santa Monica
BALLET BODIES brings to you the ultimate in interval training and the very BEST (and safest) way to burn calories and sculpt the body at any age. When Rebecca’s techniques are carried out correctly, energy expenditure is minimized and can be redirected to propel the body through whatever activity is demanded.

Rebecca has a quality standard and visionary perspective into the world of ballet and movement. She has a gift for articulating ballet movements with precision and in a way anyone can understand and learn from. At the heart of it, BALLET BODIES is to aid men and women – of all ages, disciplines, and past – to maintain and/or transform their bodies with grace and style.


Westside School of Ballet
Mondays10:00 AM - 11:30 AMBeginning / Intermediate Ballet
Tuesdays7:15 PM - 8:30 PMBeginning / Intermediate Ballet
 8:30 PM - 9:30 PMBeginning Pas De Deux for Adults
Pointe shoes for ladies. Same ballet training for men.
Wednesdays10:00 AM - 11:30 AMBeginning / Intermediate Ballet
 11:30 AM - 1:00 PMAdult Ballet Basics Workshop

Amazing Dancers Repertory

If you are interested in another Turn Clinic or a clinic for another type of technique, please use the Contact form to submit your suggestion.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, Rebecca also teaches private and semi-private classes throughout the week by invitation or appointment.  Times and location will be arranged with student.